About Dave Teller

Hey everyone and welcome to my site!

I live and work in Austin, Texas and enjoy it immensely. The culture and environment here is extremely conducive to creative works and having fun at the same time.

I’m the kind of person who loves to learn new approaches and utilize them to streamline and grow the success of current methods. I have always flourished working on multiple projects with changing deadlines and last minute edits. Overcoming expected and unexpected challenges is an everyday thing for me. I have been lucky to be in an environment that has let me work on every project my company could dream up. I have designed and built departments and trained the people who took them over after me.

I have been drawing for fun over a decade now, although most of the work on my site only represents the last couple of years. My projects range in size but are normally smaller with a good deal of detail. I have always liked the idea of making art that even the artist can continue walking up to and see new things. I want something that can continue to excite me.