Uneven Wings


17″ x 24″
To Come.

techno-garden-flower-1Cocoon Wings
17″ x 24″
Still working on a better name for this one.

techno-garden-flower-1Uneven Wings
18″ x 12″
This one ended up being a lot of work. The background really got away from me but I think it turned out really well for a project that I nearly scrapped a few times.

techno-garden-flower-1Black & White Swirls
18″ x 12″
White swirls on a black patterned background. Pretty simple but fun.

18″ x 12″
A divergence from my other pen drawings. These florets were done with delicate pen strokes. A style that took me a while to develop and was still working on during this drawing.

techno-garden-flower-1Circular Florets
12″ x 18″
More florets. This is the second piece in my set of floret images. I continued to work on my pen stroke and stippled the background.

Mad Mad GardenMad Mad Garden
?” x ?”
One of the older drawings on this site. Mad Mad Garden was one of the first pieces where I felt I had reached a new level of quality.

Circles in PenCircles in Pen
?” x ?”
This is part of my “Circles” series(I know, not a very creative name). It is the only one in the series to be done in pen. I do love the contrast compared to the other pieces in this series.

Ink in WaterInk in Water
?” x ?”
I wanted a stylistic approach to a moment in time of ink pouring into water. Just before mixing together but inevitable none the less.

Jungle in Ink 2Jungle in Ink 2
?” x ?”
Something simpler than my usual drawings with high contrast. This was a nice break from my pieces that take a lot of attention for a lot of hours but I also wanted to see if simpler was better.

Jungle in InkJungle in Ink
?” x ?”
Fairly simple design and execution, I wanted to play with organic design with organic subjects. Flat black background with a crazy mid and high contrast foreground.

techno-garden-flower-1Unknown Machine
8″ x 10″
To come